Cobra Love Chastity Cage

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 Experience ultimate satisfaction with our Cobra Love Chastity Cage!

This 3D printed cage boasts a sleek design and a charming heart motif. Stay cool and comfortable with its breathable, lightweight material. And don't worry about maintenance - it's easy to clean and heat-resistant. Plus, it's shower-friendly for added convenience.

Available in a range of cage lengths and base ring sizes, its exquisite shade of colour adds a touch of artistry and enhances your adventures in chastity. Whether it's a  little secret or an  way to spice up your love life, this chastity cage ensures your pleasure and satisfaction.

With a unique design and eye-catching colours, it's the perfect accessory for your intimate moments.

Choose from a variety of cage lengths and and base ring sizes to suit your personal tastes and add a touch of creativity to your bedroom escapades.

Chastity Cage Dimensions:

Cage Length: 50 mm 1.96"
Cage Internal Diameter 32 mm 1.25"
Cage Length 60 mm 2.36"
Cage Internal Diameter 36 mm 1.41"
Cage Length 80 mm 3.14"
Cage Internal Diameter 36 mm 1.41"
Cage Length 90 mm 3.54"
Cage Internal Diameter 36 mm 1.41"
Cage Length 102 mm 4.01"
Cage Internal Diameter 36 mm 1.41"


Base Ring Options: 42 mm, 46 mm, 48 mm, 53 mm, and 60 mm

Please note that need to select your cage and base ring size.

Colour :  Pink

Set Includes:

1 x Chastity Cage

1 x Base Ring

 1 x Padlock

2 x Keys

Material: Resin

Maximum quantity available reached.

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