HOC600 Shocker! Electric Shock Chastity Device - Design 1

Product Description

The HOC600 Shocker! the male chastity device is an innovative design.

Made from ABS, it is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and durable.

The cage has been vented for hygiene and has a bottom opening to allow for use at urinals.

Design 1 has an adjustable base ring and the wires are fixed into the side of the chastity cage.

The shocker comes with a plug-in control pad that allows the wearer to receive several different levels of shock when wearing the device.

We offer two different control panels, as shown in the images, you will either receive the silver or black panel.

The different sizes of rings and spacers included allow you to customise your cage to fit your individual needs.

Cage Dimensions:

Cage Length 75mm 2.9"
Cage Diameter 35mm 1.37"

Set includes:

1 x Cage

1 x Adjustable Ring, Diameter 40mm - 52mm Approximately

1 x Set Of Plug-In Wires

1 Control Panel

Cage Colour Options: Black, Red, and Transparent 

Please note: This kit is not suitable to use on the following:

- Persons with a pace maker

- Persons with epilepsy or a neurological disease

- Persons who are pregnant

- Persons with heart disease

- Persons who are driving or operating equipment

- Near any metal objects such as piercings, jewellery, or metallic IUDs

Maximum quantity available reached.

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