HT V4 Pink Chastity Device

Product Description

The HT V4 chastity cage is the newly improved and updated big sister to the V3. One of the most popular chastity cages on the market.

The new model comes with larger air holes for increased air circulation, it has a wider and flatter ring to make long-term wear more comfortable, and a labia-shaped insert hole. It also has a similar but upgraded magic locker internal lock design to the V3 and comes in the three standard colours of Clear, Pink, and Black.

The HT comes in standard sizes of Nano, Small, Standard, and Maxi but the cage sizes have changed in comparison to their sister the V3. Please check the pictures on this page to compare the sizes.

The V4 cage is not compatible with the V3 cage.

Each cage comes with the optional ring sizes of 36 mm, 40 mm, 45 mm and 50 mm

Cage Internal Diameter 33 mm 1.29"

Cage Lengths

(This measurement is taken from the longest side)

Nub 59 mm 2.32"
Nano 79 mm 3.11"
Small 85 mm 3.46"
Standard 95 mm 3.7"
Maxi 110 mm



The set contains:

1 x Cage

1 x Set Of 4 Rings

1 x Integral Lock

2 x Keys

Weight: About 70 g (with base ring and lock in place) 

There is now an option of buying a 55 mm ring, this is available separately.

Maximum quantity available reached.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Worth the upgrade from v3

Keeps everything lovely and tidy with a far more effective locking mechanism than v3. With temptation under lock and key my mind stays focussed on pleasuring my partner. Tempted to lock myself in and throw away the keys x

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