Circular Integral Lock Metal Chastity Device Base Ring

Product Description

We are very aware that sometimes trying to measure yourself for a chastity cage can be difficult and knowing the exact ring size can prove not always to be successful if you haven't worn one before. So, we now have a solution that does not require buying a whole new chastity cage, to get the correct-sized base ring.

We have single stainless circular steel base rings available for our chastity cages with integral locks in sizes 40 mm, 45 mm, and 50 mm.

Please view image 2 if you need to be what the integral lock looks like, these rings will fit any chastity cage with this style of base ring and lock.

Please note that these base rings are designed to fit the following chastity cages:

Bird Cage, Bird House, Chaste Bird, Flat Gatling, Flat Gatling Barbed & Urethral, Flat Gatling Urethral, and Full Submission.

We do not include the Flat Gatling Negative With Dildo, this uses the FRRK base ring.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend assembling your chastity cage with the new base ring before attempting to wear it, these base rings have not been made specifically for your cage, there may be shape variations, and non-fitment may occur.

Maximum quantity available reached.

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