Bird Cage Urethral Hinged Chastity Cage

Product Description

The Bird Cage Urethral Hinged is a heavy-duty chastity cage that comes with a hinged base ring that allows it to twist open, making it easier for wearers to put on.

The chastity cage is designed with the familiar House Of chastity 'Bird Cage' appearance.

It's perfect for those who want to enjoy their time in chastity within a heavy-duty cage.

The hinged base ring allows for adjustability while keeping its tough and durable material intact, ensuring a secure fit.

It provides a seamless fit for extended wear, offering a perfect combination of comfort and security.

This chastity cage offers a larger base ring in the Size 5, 62mm ring.


Cage Length  25mm 0.98"
Cage Inner Diameter 32mm 1.25"
Cage Spout Diameter 6mm 0.23"
Stainless Steel Urethral Tube Length 60mm 2.36"
Stainless Steel Diameter 8mm 0.31"


 Base Ring Dimensions:

Size 1
Width 38mm 1.49"
Length 29mm 1.14"
Size 2
Width 41mm 1.61"
Length 35mm 1.37"
Size 3
Width 51mm 2.00"
Length 38mm 1.49"
Size 4
Width 57mm 2.24"
Length 41mm 1.61"
Size 5
Width 62mm 2.44"
Length 46mm 1.81"

Please see images 5 and 6 for base ring dimensions.

Material: Stainless Steel

Set Includes: 1 x Chastity Cage, 1 x Base Ring, 1 x Urethral Tube, 1 x Integral Lock, 2 x Keys, Urethral Tube Screw End, 1 x Rubber Protector

Maximum quantity available reached.

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