The Diamond Chastity Cage

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Welcome to The Diamond Chastity Cage! With its unique Cutting Design, this cage is sure to keep your erections under control and reduce their strength and duration. Unlike most cages, the Diamond Cutting helps by not putting pressure on the deep dorsal vein and the superficial dorsal vein, allowing for a more natural blood flow.

The open design makes it easy to maintain good hygiene, keeping the smell and mess to a minimum.

There are 15 removable silicone double headed nails that offer a detachable barbed design, you'll have more freedom to play and DIY to your heart's desire. Plus, the length of the nail on each end is different for added variety.

Base Ring Options: Curved or Flat

Chastity Cage Dimensions

Please note that we have added an image to help you understand how the measurements have been taken.

 Short Cage

Length  57 mm 2.24"
Depth 45 mm 1.77"
Long Cage

Length 88 mm 3.46
Depth 58 mm 2.28""
Gap between Cage and Base Ring 18 mm 0.708"


Base Ring Sizes: 42 mm, 45 mm , 48 mm and 52 mm

Set Includes: 1 x Chastity Cage, 4 x Base Rings, 1 x Integral Padlock, 2 x Keys, 15 x Soft Nails

Cage Material: Nylon Resin

Base Ring Material: ABS

Maximum quantity available reached.

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