The Loc'd Chastity Cage

Product Description

This chastity cage is similar in shape to the 600HOC, the Loc'd chastity device with a smooth end with a patterned cut-out design to allow for much more airflow, thus reducing heat and sweating to the enclosed member.
This device allows you to have an external padlock fixed in place, reducing movement. 
Look closely at the picture to see the padlock in place.

The chastity cage includes one brass padlock and keys to lock the wearer into place, but it also includes 5 individually numbered plastic locks, these can be used instead of the brass padlock, a perfect situation for using these locks is when going through a body scanner, which will avoid detection.

Colours: Clear/Black/ Pink

Cage Length  72 mm 2.83"
Cage Inner Diameter 34 mm 1.33"

Cage Length  88 mm 3.46"
Cage Inner Diameter 34 mm 1.33"

4 different Rings: 36 mm/40 mm/45 mm/50 mm
The whole set contains:
1. 4 different sizes of rings
2. 1 Cage
3. 1 lock and keys.
4. 5 Plastic locks

Maximum quantity available reached.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Product photos and info need updating

So this is a great product and is very secure when wearing. I got the small that allows for a bit of growth in the cage (for me anyway) but not to get to what could be classed as full length. I have had padlock cages before but with how this one is positioned there is literally no movement/rattle from it when moving.

What the photos and info don't show is there is a D shaped piece of plastic on the bottom of the ring and that faces towards the rear. This is not a massive problem but wasn't what I was thus expecting when I received it.

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