The Python Nub Chastity Cage

Product Description

The Python Nub chastity cage is specifically designed to make it difficult for an individual to escape and incorporates certain anatomical considerations for comfort and hygiene. Here's a description based on the details you provided:

The Python Nub chastity cage is 3D printed and is constructed from a durable nylon resin material, ensuring enhanced security and making it challenging for the wearer to break free. The design takes into account the anatomical shape of the male genitalia to provide a comfortable fit while addressing specific concerns.

The cage features a distinct V shape, which is strategically designed to reduce erections. This shape allows the deep dorsal vein and the superficial dorsal vein, important blood vessels in the penis, to function optimally. By providing sufficient space and support, the cage helps prevent unwanted arousal and discomfort.

To ensure both comfort and hygiene, the cage incorporates an ergonomic double cuff base ring. This ring is designed to fit securely around the base of the genitals, providing stability and minimizing any potential discomfort or irritation.

The head of the cage is specially crafted to promote cleanliness and hygiene. It is designed to reduce the residue of urine, allowing for a clean and hygienic experience. This feature helps maintain a high level of personal hygiene while the cage is worn.

Overall, this cage combines durability, anatomical considerations, and hygiene features to provide a secure and comfortable experience for the wearer while making it more challenging to escape.

This chastity cage comes with a magic locker, this allows the wearer to still be locked into their cage when in situations where a brass padlock would not be suitable.

Chastity Cage Dimensions:

Length: 59mm 2.32"
Depth: 15mm 0.59"


Base Ring Sizes: 38mm, 43mm, 48mm & 52mm

Colours Available: Black or White


1 x Chastity Cage

4 x Base Rings

1 x Magic Locker

Maximum quantity available reached.

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Small, ok

Not the most comfortable nub for me, basically flat

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