The Tusk Double Lock Chastity Cage

Product Description

The Tusk is a great addition to our chastity cage collection and its versatility will make it a very popular cage.

This chastity cage has been designed with thought and long-term wear in mind (if you can deal with the spikes), the cage is made up of three elements of base ring, centre spike ring, and optional/removable end cap.

When the base ring and centre spike are fitted together, the wearer can insert both integral locks, which will lock the base ring to the centre spike ring, and then the second integral lock will ensure that the spike ring is locked closed and unable to be slid open.

If the wearer decides to add the closed-end piece, this easily slides over the end of the spike ring and can either be locked in place or left unlocked if the wearer is to be allowed the option to remove the piece.

Made from nylon resin & PC this set has a hand-polished finish. All of the pieces in this chastity set are harder-wearing and less susceptible to breakage; also the connection between the cage and ring is stronger than most cages and in testing has proved harder to escape from.

There is the option to choose between flat base rings or angled base rings.

Dimensions: Please see image 8 for detailed measurements.

Base Ring Sizes: 42 mm, 45 mm, 48 mm, & 52 mm

Base Ring Options: Flat Rings, Angled Rings

Set Includes: 1 x Cage, 4 x Base Rings, 1 x Magic Locker, 1 x Air Lock Pin

Colour: Black

Material: 100% Nylon Resin & PC

Weight: 120-130 g

Maximum quantity available reached.

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