The Cobra Double Cuff Pink Chastity Cage

Product Description

Presenting The Cobra Double Cuff a cage just demanding to encase your cock and keep you locked up!

This chastity device is a lightweight 3D-printed design made from a high-density Resin.

It is a well-designed chastity cage that has a unique locking design that is held in place with an integral lock.

The double cuff design means that there is very little space between the chastity cage and base ring.


Chastity Cage Dimensions:

Chastity Cage Circumference. 32 mm 12.59"
Cage Head Circumference. 35 mm 13.77"
Cage Length Including Base Ring. 50 mm 19.68"

Chastity Cage Circumference. 36 mm 14.17"
Cage Head Circumference. 35 mm 13.77"
Cage Length Including Base Ring. 60 mm 23.62"
Chastity Cage Circumference. 37 mm
Cage Head Circumference. 37 mm
Cage Length Including Base Ring. 80 mm 31.49"
Chastity Cage Circumference. 37 mm 14.56"
Cage Head Circumference. 37 mm 14.56"
Cage Length Including Base Ring. 90 mm 35.43"
Chastity Cage Circumference. 38 mm 14.96"
Cage Head Circumference. 39 mm 15.35"
Cage Length Including Base Ring. 105 mm 41.33" 


Ring Sizes: 38 mm, 43 mm, 48 mm, 52 mm

Weight: About 38 g with base ring and lock in place.



1 x Pink Cobra Double Cuff Chastity Cage

4 x Base Rings

1 x Lock

2 x Keys

N.B: There can be slight variations in the measurements of the chastity cage or base rings, it is usually no more than ± 2 mm.

Maximum quantity available reached.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Colin M.
Cobra double cuff

Princess has had me in this for 2weeks now. She loves how small and pink it is.
Overall, I find it comfier than most devices. I think a fifth ring in the center of sizes would be good. À (smallest) to D (largest) I find c far too big and slips off, but B is a shade too tight and pinches at times.
The bars are frustrating (in a good way) but I very much "spill out" and this is causing horrible shafing/pinching in trousers. I managed to glue some small bars onto the cage to keep this issue at bay, and seems to work.
So overall, slight adaptions, but very snug and as close to true chastity as iv ever been!


This cage has way too much flex and balls pop out very easy no matter the size of the ring.
The gap between the cage and ring is way too large. This is the same fault with so many other chastity devices. The gap inbetween the ring and cage needs to be much smaller on all devices.

Hi there, thank you for sharing your feedback with us. We apologize that the Cobra Double Cuff Pink Chastity Cage did not meet your expectations. We appreciate your comments and will definitely take them into consideration for future improvements. You mention that you have had the same issue with other chastity cages and that the size of the base ring is not an issue, however, your balls should not be able to slide easily through as the ring is designed to be a snug fit to avoid this very issue If you need any assistance with finding a different product, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for your support.

Comfiest cage I own

I own two other cages to date: a basic plastic cage, and a metal cage. I've always struggled to wear a cage for prolonged periods of time and have resulted in using plenty of lube to keep them from rubbing. This cage is extremely comfortable and easy to get on and off - I am fully converted and will be unable to return to the other two cages

Theo H.

It is still on its way

Paul R.
Pink Cobra Nub

A lovely little cage. Very comfortable and secure. The narrow space between the base ring and cage does not allow for any slipping out as has previously been a problem.
The lock is accessed from the left if you're locking yourself up which takes a little bit of getting used to.
Hygiene and cleanliness is very easy with this design which means fewer excuses to be unlocked!

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