The Jeusn Chastity Cages

Product Description

These are both a well-thought-out and designed black chastity cages.

The ABS plastic material has created a smooth chastity cage and the designers have taken the time to think about the wearer's comfort, so the base ring is designed not to squeeze the testicles and allow the cage to be worn for longer lengths of time.

The integral lock is set on the top of the cage, making it easy to access.

The cage has been angled to make sure that it remains hidden under clothes, allowing for day-to-day wear.

Style Differentials: The logo on the front of the cage will either say Jeusn or will be a symbol for Jeusn.


 Cage Length (Longest Length Over Top Of Cage) 60mm 2.36"
Cage Width 32mm 1.25"



Cage Length (Longest Length Over Top Of Cage) 70mm 2.75"
Cage Width 37mm 1.41"



Cage Length (Longest Length Over Top Of Cage)  93mm 3.66"
Cage Width 37mm 1.45"



Cage Length (Longest Length Over Top Of Cage)  97mm 3.66"
Cage Width 37mm 3.81" 


Base Ring Sizes:

49mm, 51mm, and 54mm


ABS Plastic

Set Includes:

1 x Chastity Cage

3 x Base Rings

1 x Integral Lock

2 x Keys

Weight: 100 - 120g

Maximum quantity available reached.

Customer Reviews

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Chastity H.R.
So far fantastic

I bought the two smallest cages in this line.. I have owned in past many different ones that never worked right. I always accidentally came out of them as one of my testicals are a bit on the small side. In the past the Holy Trainer was my only success until now. These Jeusn cages are much more comfortable and so far I have not come out. I am a full time (24/7) user. My wife is my key holder. Being full time in chastity I require a comfortable and practical cage. This (so far) is perfect. Love my choice on this purchase. I would highly recommend.

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